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Where A Transformative Fusion of Body, Mind, and Spirit Occurs 

Owner: Dr. Terry S. Audate, DSW, LCSW-R, LMT



Individual Therapy presents a unique opportunity for a private and confidential discourse with a therapist. Within the confines of a secure environment, one can delve into the nuanced exploration of emotions, beliefs, and behaviors. This therapeutic modality serves to navigate challenging or influential memories, address unresolved issues, and identify potentially deleterious aspects of one's life.



Group therapy typically convenes a collective of 4-6 individuals, united in their exploration of a shared issue or concern, fostering a milieu of vicarious learning. Our adept clinicians curate a dynamic and enriching experience to facilitate collective growth.



Encountering challenges within your relationship? Entrust us to facilitate the elucidation of your concerns and collaboratively work towards mutually agreed-upon objectives. AUTESH Therapy Services stands poised to provide guidance and support on your journey to relational clarity and growth.


Children and Adolescents

In the nuanced journey of childhood and adolescence, the continual development of social acumen and emotional intelligence becomes paramount for fostering a foundation of well-being. At Autesh Therapy Services, we recognize that as children navigate the intricate landscape of emotions and behaviors, which may impede their happiness and flourishing, our clinicians adeptly intervene. Our mission is to guide individuals towards reclaiming emotional equilibrium and facilitating profound healing.



We engage with families and couples within the realm of intimate relationships, fostering an environment conducive to instigating change, encouraging development, and cultivating growth toward the realization of more favorable and desired outcomes.


Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy, Aura Readings, & Reports

Psychosynthesis, as an embodiment of energy psychology, represents a deliberate endeavor within the realm of psychology to harmonize with the trajectory of evolution. The orchestration of synthesis unfolds gradually, commencing within the recesses of our inner world—initially latent in the unconscious, later manifesting consciously as we embark upon our personal and transpersonal psychosynthesis journey.


Therapy Sessions

At Autesh Therapy Services, we're driven by a commitment to elevate the human experience. With a focus on integral psychotherapy, we recognize that each individual's journey is unique. Specializing in trauma, self-esteem, and relationship concerns, our goal-driven clinicians, boasting over fifty years of combined experience, bring a wealth of expertise to guide you.


Our practice is founded on holistic, positive principles. Together, we'll assess where you stand, identifying strengths and challenges. Through collaborative efforts, we'll craft a tailored plan to help you achieve your goals. Employing a blend of psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness techniques, our holistic approach revitalizes mental health and wellness.


Welcome to Autesh Therapy Services — where your transformative journey begins.

About Us

Autesh Therapy Services emerges as a bastion of purpose, driven by an unwavering commitment to effect profound change for humanity. We eagerly anticipate the prospect of collaborating with you on your transformative journey.

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