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Autesh Therapy Services is a practice compelled to make a difference for humanity. We look forward to working with you.

“There is no one treatment or remedy for all.” Autesh Therapy Services uses an Integral psychotherapy approach and uses this method to address a variety of issues, including trauma, lack of self-esteem, and relationship concerns.  We are focused on providing individuals, families and couples the psychotherapy services the require. 

We are accomplished goal driven clinicians with more than fifty combined years of experience within psychotherapeutic interventions and treatment.The practice is built on a solid foundation of practices using an holistic, positive approach. We will collaborate together to identify where you are in your life, what your strengths and weakness are and the issues you are facing. We will then build upon your identified strengths and set up a plan so you can achieve your goals. We use a blend of psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness techniques, with a holistic approach to revitalize your mental health and wellness. ​


"I can help you make the connection between your mind, body and spirit and the role that spirituality plays in obtaining a healthy emotional well-being".

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